About Me

Emmanuel Facio is a San Antonio, Texas-based Visual Designer. With roots in the San Antonio Music Scene dating back to the White Rabbit. Growing up listening to Metal and Rock, he was always amazed by the creativity and statement CD covers would convey. Starting his Graphic Designer journey back in high-school, he gave making Cover Art a try and fell in love with it. Doing it as a hobby eventually brought him clients, where from there he dipped his toes in Logo, Event Flyer, and Merchandise design. Once he graduated High-school he immediately enrolled in the Art Institute of San Antonio, Texas where for 3 years he honed his craft.
Clean, Gritty, and Powerful imagery is a constant motif that carries throughout all his works. Putting his best foot forward for the client. During those 3 years, he has worked with musicians from all over the world including Texas, Florida, New York, Hawaii, Colorado, and the United Kingdom.
He has had the privilege of working with musicians/clients such as:
Darkness Divided (Victory Records)
Upon a Burning Body (Sumerian Records)
Notions (Stay Sick Records)
Miss Fortune (We Are Triumphant Records)
Twin Productions

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